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New Vic – Wind in the Willows – Review

26 November 2018 Theatre

New Vic Theatre – Wind in the Willows

Saturday 17 November–Saturday 26 January 2019

Review by Jane Lythgoe for Hitmix Radio

Photographs Courtesy of Andrew Billington


‘Delightful’ from start to end!

Wind in the Willows – a charming story of the riverbank that we all remember from our childhood, and the wonderful cast at the New Vic certainly transported us back there, aided by first class design and direction! A true feel-good production!

An enchanting family show featuring well-loved characters – Mole, Toad, Ratty and Badger to name but a few – a beautiful set, endearing costumes, impressive props and inspired special effects.

The many set changes and costume changes were done gracefully and seamlessly!

What an outstandingly talented cast – all playing various roles, playing musical instruments and the singing was magical! The harmonies were breath taking!

Every child should have the opportunity to see this incredible production…….in fact, so should every adult!! Faultless!!

I’ll finish as I started…. ‘Delightful’ from start to end!









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