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New Recycling Services in NUL

5 September 2019 Local News

An overhaul of recycling and waste services in Newcastle-under-Lyme is gathering pace.

Councillors decided to scrap the existing system and replace it with a new and simplified version following extensive consultation with residents.

Now, Cabinet members are set to authorise expenditure which will enable a new service to be introduced from Spring 2020, with expectations that the total cost will be around £3million.

Cllr. Trevor Johnson, Cabinet member for environment and recycling, said: “It’s full steam ahead now. We are due to give the green light to the procurement processes which will mean we have the right vehicles and containers in place for the new system.

“Our consultation with residents was one of the biggest we have ever undertaken here at the Council and the overwhelming result was that they wanted change. We are now getting on and putting all the foundations in place to deliver on that in the spring next year.”

A cross-party panel approved an outline of the proposed new, streamlined service last year following significant complaints from residents about the complexities of the current service.

The new system will simplify recycling for residents, reduce the risk of littering streets during collection and reduce the number of containers. The new service will also enable the Council to recycle more of the plastic it collects including pots, tubs and trays.

Cllr. Johnson added: “Our job, at the end of the day, is to provide our residents with the type of waste and recycling service that they prefer – and they were very clear in the public consultation about their preferences – and to provide that in an efficient, effective way.”

Once the go-ahead is given for procurement tenders will be sought for vehicles, building work that may be required to accommodate aspects of the new service at the Council’s depot, and other services.

The new service will involve:-

Week one – food waste; non-recyclable waste (household)

Week two – food waste; recyclable materials: plastic cans and glass in a blue wheeled bin; paper and card in a blue bag which is to be distributed to residents.



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