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Ombudsman’s Clean Bill Of Health For NUL

29 August 2019 Local News

The Local Government watchdog has confirmed no complaints were upheld against the Borough Council during the last year.

In his annual report on the authority, Michael King, the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman, says out of the 20 complaints made by the public not one had been upheld.

The complaints made related to benefits and tax (six), environment services (six), planning and development (four), housing (two) and corporate and other services (two).

Of these, 10 were referred back by the Ombudsman for the Council to sort out with the complainant, seven were closed by the watchdog himself after initial enquiries and three were not upheld.

Cllr. Simon Tagg, the Leader of the Council who has Cabinet responsibilities for customer services and performance, said: “The Ombudsman publishes its decisions so that the public and bodies within its jurisdiction see the full range of decisions made and can feel reassured that they are fair, thorough and impartial.

“Publishing decisions also recognises the key role the watchdog plays in helping to ensure that public services are accountable to the public who use and fund those services. Greater transparency of the decisions made means greater transparency of public services.

“When people feel they have a legitimate complaint against the Council it is vitally important that we do everything in our power to resolve the issue raised. This annual assessment from the Ombudsman clearly shows we have robust processes in place and any complaints are treated seriously and properly.

“Having said that I am obviously delighted that not one single complaint against the authority in the last year has been upheld which speaks volumes about the way we are trying to deliver services for our residents and businesses. It should also be noted that we don’t only receive complaints – we also receive many positive comments and compliments”


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