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Measures To Boost Jubilee 2

7 July 2019 Local News

An action plan has been drawn up to revitalise the Council’s popular Jubilee2 leisure complex.

A three-pronged proposal aims to tackle a budget deficit, improve income through more effective marketing and deal with outstanding building defects.

The building has been open for seven years and has up to 12,000 visitors each week who use the full range of facilities which include swimming pools, climbing walls, a health suite, gym and three studios.

Cllr. Mark Holland, Cabinet member for leisure, culture and heritage, said: “There are more than 3,000 active members at Jubilee2 and a significant number of other people who make use of the great facilities on a pay-and-play basis.

“The building has had an ongoing problem with building defects since 2012 which detract from how it operates and the operating subsidy is increasing year-on-year due to both higher costs and income shortfalls. We intend to tackle these issues head-on and have worked really hard to come up with a range of measures which will put Jubilee2 in a much stronger position to continue providing high quality leisure services to many thousands of people in our borough.

“The services on offer make a huge contribution to the health and well-being of local residents and we are planning to deal with some of the historic issues which are not helping it reach its full potential.”

A report due to be considered by Cabinet members reveals measures are in the pipeline which will slash the budget deficit.

In 2018/19 there was an overspend of £370,000 and proposals being put in place aim to take this down to £155,000 during 2020/21.

Improvements in staff sickness absence together with onsite chlorine generation to remove chemical usage are on the cards.

A new gym lay-out, changes to swimming club fees and improvements to collecting default membership subscriptions will also play a part.

And a replaced heat recovery system for the main pool has already been tackled to reduce energy bills.

Two specialists are likely to be brought in to help improve income and marketing.

Strategi Solutions Ltd, who are based in Newcastle-under-Lyme, are being recommended for a three-year contract to develop commercial advertising opportunities at Jubilee2.

And Alliance Leisure, who are currently working with around 250 other  facilities nationally,  are likely to be recruited on a four-year arrangement, to provide specialist marketing support.

Morgan Sindall were appointed to design and build Jubilee2 and the report to Cabinet confirms discussions are currently going on with them over building defects.

Two significant issues include leaks from the roof over the main staircase and water from the first floor health suite leaking into the swimming pool family changing cubicles.

Because of the confidential nature of the issues involved in this element of the improvement action plan, Cabinet members will be briefed on the discussions with Morgan Sindall privately.


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