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New Vic - Intemperance

‘Intemperance’ – The New Vic

11 April 2019 Local News Theatre

‘Intemperance’ – The New Vic – Review by Hitmix Radio

Written by Lizzy Nunnery, and directed by Zoe Waterman, ‘Intemperance’ could be adapted to take place in any era – it captures the complexities and complications of family life and relationships, especially during times of hardship.

This particular family were a typical Irish family from the mid 1800’s who had moved to Liverpool and were living in cramped, squalid conditions alongside other Irish families.  With five family members – Milly Sildnes (Krissi Bohn), her husband Brynjar (Oystein Kanestrom), daughter Niamh (Niamh Finlay) and son Ruairi (Thomas Grant) – both from a past relationship and her father Fergal (John O’Mahony), who is not in the best of health.   A volatile ‘under one roof’ combination to provoke conflicts, quarrels, misery and misunderstandings – with underlying love!

Krissi Bohn and Oystein Kanestrom

Millie Sildnes, played beautifully by Krissi Bohn has a glimmer of hope that life is about to improve, but interference from her family plus her own actions work together to prevent it.  Milly and Brynjar are expecting a baby, at a time when many infants fail to survive – and the heartbreak associated with this is well portrayed.  Many different emotions bring the play to life – anger, resentment, acceptance, hope, despair, sadness with some wit and joviality thrown in, to lighten the mood of this poignant, powerful play.

As usual The New Vic get it just right with the music and sound effects – transporting us to that cramped room in Liverpool all those years ago! The feeling that the music was experienced by the whole community through the thin walls, and that this was their one communal pleasure in life, was evident.

Although the stage set was very simple, the clever use of a rotating platform, which was moved between scenes changed the view for the audience.

With a first class cast, all bringing life and spirit to their characters, ‘Intemperance’ is an incredibly entertaining and thought provoking play – are things so different today?

‘Intemperance’ is showing at the New Vic until Saturday 20th April.

Photographs courtesy of Mark Douet

Krissi Bohn and John O’Mahony

John O’Mahony and Thomas Grant

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