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Hedgehog Eating

Baby Hedgehog Sighting in Newcastle-under-Lyme

11 July 2018 Local News

Calling all Hedgehog lovers! “Hedgehogs Newcastle-under-Lyme’ have contacted The Hitmix with some fantastic news!  Last night a tiny baby hoglet was seen on a members lawn! They have regular nightly visits from at least three adult hedgehogs, but this was the first sighting of a baby. This brings new hope for a declining hedgehog population! These endearing little mammals desperately need our continued help

Please help keep these lovely little creatures fed and watered – cat food and a shallow dish of water is great, or Garners Garden Centre will give a discount on Hedgehog food to Hitmix listeners. Have a look at the ‘Hedgehogs Newcastle Under Lyme’ face book page.


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