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Knitters needed for Donna Louise Trust

16 January 2018 The Careline

Calling all knitters….The Donna Louise Trust charity are looking for knitted chicks for Easter.

The chicks should be knitted in any yellow wool from cream to gold.
Please see the pattern below:

Easter Chick Knitting pattern:

Cast on 27 stitches on No 8 or No mm needles
Knit 12 rows increasing by one stitch at the end of each row(39 stitches)
Next 2 rows cast off 13 stitches, knit to end of rows (leaving 13 stitches)

Knit 10 rows (for the head)
Cut off wool leaving about 20 inches

Attach wool to darning needle. Gather the 13 stitches onto the daring needle. Fold chick in half, right side in.

Draw up top of head and start sewing up with the yard of wool, from the top of the had and around the body to base; leaving a one inch gap(ready to put egg in)

Turn to right side out.

For further information please call Jan Kiak on 01283 563997. https://www.thedonnalouise.org

Please deliver the completed chicks to Donna Louise at 1 Grace Road, Trentham. ST4 8FN


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