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Staffordshire Police offer advice on staying safe at V Festival

7 August 2017 Local News

Staffordshire Police want everyone to have a great weekend at the upcoming V Festival at Weston Park and if you follow some simple advice below, chances are you will.

The best way to tackle crime is to prevent it in the first place and there are some simple things you and your friends can do to reduce the chances of you being a victim of crime.

Secure your possessions
The best way to keep your valued possessions safe is to not take them with you. Do you really need to bring your smartphone, iPad and smartwatch? Why not try to survive the weekend using an old Nokia or something similar? It means you can stay in touch with your friends when you need to via SMS and calls, it is small so it can fit discretely in your clothes, it is not top of thieves’ lists and we bet the battery lasts all weekend! And if you want to take photos to capture the moment, why not go old-school and buy a disposable camera?

When it comes to your tent, unfortunately there is no reliable way to secure a tent, so don’t leave anything valuable in it. When you’re sleeping in it, put things like money and other valuables at the bottom of your sleeping bag. When you’re not in it, take everything with you.

If you’re driving onto site, please make sure you leave your car empty and maybe even leave your glove compartment open to show thieves there is nothing to steal. Better yet, use public transport to get to the event. This means your car, and driving back after a tiring and possibly alcohol-fuelled weekend, is one less thing to worry about.

Look out for you and your friends
Staying together as a group really is the best way to keep everyone safe. Especially at night-time, try not to leave any friends behind anywhere. If you do, have a pre-arranged meeting place so you’re not alone for too long and use the well-lit paths to make your way to the meeting point.

Don’t flash the cash, try to carry as little money as possible and don’t access your wallet or purse whilst in clear views of others. Try to find a private place when organising money to stop you being a target for pickpockets.

Finally please be aware of how much you are drinking and don’t get too drunk. Very drunk people can also be seen as a vulnerable target, so please take care and look out for your friends if they get worse-for-wear.

Superintendent Martin Brereton, who will be leading our V Festival presence this year, said: “We want everyone who attends V Festival to have a great weekend full of fun and music. These simple steps above may seem like a bit of an inconvenience, but if it means you’re not a victim of crime then we believe it’s worth it. Having your money stolen or worse can ruin the weekend and could have a longer-lasting impact on you and your friends.

“Our officers will be available throughout the entire festival to help anyone who wants to report a crime or just wants crime prevention advice. We’re here to protect you and to make sure you have the best time in a safe environment, so please do say hello.”

Updates regarding V Festival will appear on our Twitter account @vfestpolice. We are also working with the festival organisers to share crime prevention messages with ticket holders before they arrive to reduce crime as much as possible.



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